Do you think that lotto balls are intelligent?

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Are lotto balls intelligent?

Even though genuine and fair lotteries are random number games, many people still think that lottery balls have a mind of their own. I am sure nobody really thinks that they are really intelligent – but they seem to be sometimes.

HOT or COLD Lotto Numbers

If you are a dedicated lotto player you have heard the description that certain numbers are “hot” or “cold”. Hot numbers are those that have appeared most often in previous draws, and cold numbers are those that have appeared less often. A lot of gamblers choose to use only the hot numbers in their combinations because they believe that history repeats itself. I am sorry to tell you (and them) that this idea is nothing more than an illusion.

Take flipping a coin for instance, there is a fifty percent chance of the coin landing on its head, but there is also a fifty percent chance of the coin landing on its tail. If you flip the coin nine times and the coin lands heads-up each time, what are the odds of the coin landing heads-up on the tenth flip?

Believe it – there is still a fifty percent chance.

The same thing applies to lotto. Even if these so-called hot balls get drawn more than others – it in no way means that the numbers are lucky. The result is a fluke. Pure random coincidence.

After reading this article, I hope that you realize that it is a waste of your valuable time to keep track of hot and cold numbers. There is no scientific or mathematical proof of this- therefore it does not exist. Numbers are not hot and they are not cold and they are definitely in no way intelligent.

Happy betting!

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