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The Italian Lotto played worldwide

Lucky individuals that once were ordinary housewives, mechanics, dry cleaners and factory workers are now indulging in incredibly nouveau riche lifestyles – all thanks to them winning extraordinary big on some of the huge lottos this world has to offer.  Their lucky numbers were their only way out of boring ol’ suburbia.  Now they sport cash-flushed bank accounts and reside in blue-chip neighborhoods.

The SuperEnalotto is Italy’s national lottery game that is played by millions of lotto punters all eager to rake in the lotto millions.  There’s no limit on the amount of times a SuperEnalotto jackpot can rollover – the chief reason why humongous jackpots are achieved.  Draws take place three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings.

SuperEnalotto winnings are tax free and pay out in a lump sum.  A ticket costs $1 for two tries. The odds of winning the SuperEnalotto are high (1 chance in over 600 million) but since it’s a 6 /90 game, huge rollover jackpots draw players from all over the world.

Indulge in the lotto dream

What is the lotto dream and why are so many people drawn to it like moths to a flame?  The lotto dream is nothing more than the promise of a better tomorrow.  People need hope to get through today. We want something to look forward to. We cling to the possibility that our futures will be the stuff dreams are made of.  We hope that something marvelous and magical is about to happen that will transform our ordinary lives into the extraordinary.

Winning the lotto will definitely afford the lucky person the amazing opportunity to live a charmed life.

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