Top 3 Holidays for a Lotto Millionaire

Fancy being a Lotto Millionaire?

Fancy being a lotto millionaire jetsetter that frequently travels to numerous exotic destinations all over the globe others can only dream to visit but can’t afford to?  If you win the OZ Powerball you can hop on any mode of transport and travel first class to wherever you wish to go on this planet.  The world’s your oyster when the OZ Powerball millions in your pocket open doors to you other tourists can only dream of.

Imagine not having to check seriously eye watering prices before booking an ultra-luxurious and outrageously expensive holiday in an exclusive corner of the world!  You just board a privately chartered jet and you’re on your way to a relaxing stint in the lap of luxury.  You can globetrot from one continent to the other and sample top notch cuisine prepared by culinary masters.  You can have others wait on you and pamper you from head to toe while they eagerly indulge your every whim. Take a look at three dream holidays only the uber-rich can afford.

Lotto Millionaire Trip 1: Around the World in 53 Days 2015

Travel almost 23 000 miles across the globe in 53 days from £21,995 per person.  The holiday is describes as “a westbound voyage around the circumference of the globe by rail”.

Lotto Millionaire Vacation 2: Calivigny in the Caribbean

Calivigny, an 81-acre private island, located just off of Grenada, boasts 10 ultra-luxurious suites that can accommodate 20 people and costs an incredible £40,000 a night to rent the whole atoll.

Super Lotto Millionaire Holiday 3: Bullet-proof Chalet N

Chalet N is the most lavish rental chalet in the world at £231,088 per week.  It sleeps 24 guests in 11 bedrooms and overlooks the snow filled slopes of Oberlech.  The chalet’s windows are bullet-proof – a plus for security conscious billionaires.

Buy an OZ Powerball lotto ticket and you may be planning your luxury holiday next.

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