Treat yourself to a EuroMillions lottery ticket



Ride out the economic storm 

Times are tough and if the sluggish economy slows down even more the world will probably soon have to resort to bartering goods the way they did in the middle ages.  You live frugally and hoard loose change in a jar. Your fingers are all black and blue from penny-pinching. “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves,” is a saying you live your life by.

The economy is bad and you’re doing everything in your power to be financially responsible and ride out the storm. You cut needless expenditure to the bone and you supplement your income as best you can. You plug spending holes and save every last penny for a rainy day.  In fact, you live like a miser when you’re not exactly a church mouse.

Don’t forget to live a little

When you’re doing everything right, why do you feel so utterly miserable?  The Joneses next door are having a blast!  You have a nondescript sandwich in front of the telly while they go out for a pub lunch.  You visit the Salvation Army when you’re in need of a coat while they plan a trip to Harrods.  You browse through travel brochures when you want to see the world while they just hop on a plane. Life’s just not fair!

Indeed. So live a little and treat yourself a bit – play the EuroMillions lotto!  For all your responsible saving habits, you deserve to buy yourself a lottery ticket now and then.  Go on, give yourself a break – reward yourself with a EuroMillions lottery ticket.  You may just win the lotto and turn the tables on the Joneses!

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