Trump the lotto this time

Trump the lotto this time around

Trump the lotto this time around, however unlikely it may sound. Yes, we all saw what happened in the US elections … so, anything is indeed possible.

Trump your Chances

Playing the lotto more often gives you a better chance to win. The less you play, the smaller chance you will have to win the jackpot or any of the other lottery prizes. You can get rich overnight if you win the lotto, but it boils down to playing regularly. In reality, the lottery game is about increasing your chances.

Trump the Numbers

Pundits advise casual lotto players to play the same numbers every time. Changing numbers willy-nilly or making use of quick pick numbers will get you nowhere most of the time. Still, the possibility exists that quick pick numbers may just represent the numbers for the day. Which is extremely lucky.

Trump Lady Luck

Whichever way you choose your numbers, you will get luckier the more you play because you will be eligible more times. Just remember – you can not win if you do not play. One ticket will not make you poorer, but it may make you one heck of a lot richer. Go for it!

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