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The odds of anyone, anywhere in the world being as lucky as his guy are completely mind boggling. The odds are more than five trillion to one. This article will make you realise once and for all that the lottery is a game of chance. It does not favor anyone – but if you have luck on your side – anything is possible.

Punter Mike McDermott was planning retirement to the sunshine island of his dreams after winning the lottery for the second time with the same numbers. WHAT?? Yes, it is true.

The 50 year old electrician had the following to say about his double win. “I really am in disbelief, I thought it was simply impossible to win twice like this – I can’t believe such incredible luck.”

Well neither can we Mr. McDermott.

UK Lottery: Lucky Numbers

A few months ago, Mr. McDermott and his wife Helen were ecstatic when the numbers – 15,16,18,28 36, and 49 – came up as five numbers plus the bonus ball making them £194,501 richer.

Mr. McDermott kept on playing the same numbers out of habit and low and behold . . .

Mr. McDermott was staggered when he checked the lottery results and saw that he had won again with five numbers plus the bonus ball – this time, his prize was £121,157.

The odds of his first win were 2,330,636 to one. But the second time, the odds shot up to 5,400,000, 000,000 to one. How lucky can one person be?

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“We really can’t believe our incredible luck. We thought winning twice with the same numbers would be impossible but, obviously, it really can happen – as it’s happened to us. People say that things always come in threes, so I will definitely be keeping my numbers. I now believe that anything is possible. I always choose the same numbers – they are made up of birthdays and dates which have special memories for me – so I recognized a couple and thought I might have won a tenner. When I went in and checked, I was absolutely astonished. I didn’t really believe it.

Happy betting!

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