UK Lotto: Lottery Myth Busters

UK Lotto myth busters

Many people are unaware of the fact that lotto myths are as old as the game itself. Lotto players are blind when it comes to lotto myths. They want to win the jackpot so badly that they would believe anything if it meant bringing them closer to that goal.

1. Hot and cold numbers – Playing hot or cold numbers, or avoiding them, doesn’t alter your chance of winning a lottery prize one bit.

2. Lucky outlets – People have traveled far to buy lotto tickets from so called lucky outlets. These places become popular for selling previous winning tickets. Because lotto is a game of chance, you have as much chance of winning as the person who buys from the lucky outlet.

3. Repeating numbers – A lot of lotto players pick numbers that were drawn in recent draws. You can do that – or not. As with hot and cold numbers, all numbers have the exact same chance of appearing in every draw.

4. The big secret – The last myth that I would like to bust is that there is some secret that some people know about and this gives them an advantage above those who do not know about the secret. There are many people, as well as internet companies and scammers who will say that they have uncovered the secret to winning the jackpot, but I am sorry to tell you that there is no such secret. It does not exist. There is only one way to increase your chance of winning and that is to buy as many tickets as you can afford.

Lottery myths will continue to exist. All that you need to remember is that lotto is a game of chance and cannot be manipulated or predicted. It is completely random. If you realize this then you are one of few who can tell myth from reality.

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