USA Mega Millions Rags To Riches

The USA Mega Millions Rags To Riches Story

We all love the rags to riches movie genre, where a lowly and insignificant character becomes a big and mighty hero. There exists a subliminal conviction that it is possible to traverse the distance between poverty and riches in a short lifetime. Many of us are under the impression that all it would take for us to do that is to come upon a windfall by discovering some cache of riches, some gold, or treasure or even in winning the lottery. The idea that some day our ship will come in, and that then we will be well away is planted early on in life when we hear our elders use that saying and start to believe that it could be true for us too.

There is nothing sweeter than to see a situation turn around from one that seems hopeless, where the bills cannot be paid, the house is a mess, the children are crying and the world seems like a hostile alien, to one where everyone is smiling and the family moves into a big house with a garden. In such a situation, the hope of winning the lottery and what relief such a huge sum of money would bring seems like a solution of the highest order. However, most rags to riches stories do not look like that. Take for instance the famous golfer, Gary Player. Raised in a poor family, he rose to become one of the most successful golfers in South Africa, with fame and riches following him like his shadow. Yet he did not get instantly rich and famous. The force of his upward social mobility trajectory was directly related to the sheer amount of work that he put into it.

Most of us try to steer clear of such strident work ethics. We seem to think that luck will serve us where we are not willing to put in the time. Yet Gary Player said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” You may be wondering how all this relates to winning the lottery. Remember that the lottery is a game. From all the millions of people that play, and from all the countless combinations of numbers that can be drawn, there is always the possibility that your number can come up. That is if you go to the trouble of buying a ticket. If you are serious about winning the lottery, you need to also put in the work and effort of showing up and purchasing your ticket regularly in order to be in the running for your own rags to riches story.

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