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What happens to people after they win the lotto?

This is a very debatable question, taking into consideration that no two people are the same. The way that I react to winning the lotto may very well be completely different to the way that you react when placed in the same situation.

Some people change for the good, others change for the bad and some people do not change at all. These people who do not change at all are not in the slightest way phased by money or Earthly possessions. Even though winning the lottery might not change you, it may change things and other people that are part of your everyday life.

A lot of us will ask ourselves how winning the lotto could be a bad thing?  I mean, surely having millions or billions of Dollars will improve your life, right?

It could go both ways. The problem with some people is that they do not respect unearned income. In other words, they win the lotto and spend it on things that they do not need, as they see the winnings as cash in their pockets. They become arrogant and give away money as if it were nothing more than pieces of paper with no value. Many people blow their earnings just as fast as they won it. This is sad because the money could have changed their lives for the better. In cases like this, these winners end up having to sell everything they bought in order to survive later on.  The main reason for this is the fact that we are not prepared for overnight fame and fortune.

Another thing we have to touch on is friendships. Will your relationships with the people closest to you change if you win the lotto?

YES!! Some friends will show their true colors by borrowing money and not giving it back. They will be happy to go out with you for a night on the town if you cover the bill. You won the lotto, so why not? You may also be bombarded with people to claim to want to you be your friend, but at the end of your spending spree, you will find that these friends are nowhere to be found. Don’t be ignorant. Stay close to the people that you know well, and those people who were your friends when you had to borrow small change for gasoline.

 A lot of lottery winners turn to drugs, and alcohol because they just don’t know what to do with all the money.

How can you avoid becoming a statistic?

No matter what you may think, money is not the key to happiness. The key to success and happiness is to always stay true to who you are. Do not change because you are rich. Life is about living as best we know how.

What is my advice?

You are who you are, for better or for worse. Winning the lottery can make you financially free, but it should not change the person that you are today.

Happy betting!


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