Winning Lotto MegaMillions – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

MegaMillions Winnings – What next?

Winning lotto millions can turn a lucky punter’s life upside down.  That doesn’t mean a winner won’t land on his or her feet!

The Ugly

When a mother of three who held down four jobs simultaneously to support her family won $1.3 million on the lotto, she bought a house, cut down to one job and invested the rest of her winnings wisely.  Then the harassment started in the form of empty promises, marriage proposals, false accusations, and dire threats.  Family members even tried to run her life, and manage her money.

“Sometimes I wish I could change my name and go somewhere and hide,” the unanimous woman admitted to a reporter.

The Bad

Early 2011 68-year old Jim McCullar from Washington State claimed a whopping $190 million – half of the MegaMillions jackpot of $380 million.  McCullar at first felt nervous to come forward and claim his prize, stating he felt just like “a field mouse” with hawks circling overhead, ready to attack.

“All we saw were predators and we were afraid to do anything until we got down here with police protection,” McCullar reportedly said.

The Good

In 1988 Sheelah Ryan won an incredible $55 million on the lotto.  Despite the media hype as well as unsolicited investments and proposals, she kept a low profile and the Ryan Organization was born.  The organization provided numerous charitable efforts and although Sheelah died in 1994, her organization still does a lot of good in her stead.

“I thank God every day that I have the ability to help others, not that I won,” Sheelah reportedly said of her incredible win.

The Verdict

Keep on buying your lotto ticket.  No problem can big too big to handle once those marvelous lotto millions are sitting in your bank account.

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