Winning Lotto Multiple Times

Beating the Odds of the lotto

Imagine beating the odds and winning on the lotto.  Now imagine winning the lotto again and again and again.  Some lucky souls out there know exactly how it feels to be so incredibly lucky as to win multiply times on the lotto.

What does this tell you?  Stop hoping to win the lottery only once.  Dream big.  If others can win the lottery up to 7 times, you can too.  Those lucky individuals invested in a lotto ticket and proceeded to win big.  There’s no magic formula to it.  They played the lotto and it paid out.  Then they played the lottery again and Lady Luck kept on smiling at them.

Be sure to buy your lotto ticket and keep on playing.  You may just win the lotto again and again!

He won 7 times

After winning 7 times over a few-year period, the incredibly lucky multiple lottery winner, Florida-native Richard Lustig, wrote a book called Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery.  Lustig raked in his first win of $10,000 in 1992.  In 2002 he scored his biggest prize of $842,000.  Lustig reportedly won more than $1 million in total.

She won the lottery 4 times

By 2011 former math professor Joan R. Ginther, 63, have won the Texas Lottery an amazing 4 times. Ginther first won a cool $5.4 million. A decade later she won another $2 million. Two years after that she raked in $3 million and in the summer of 2010, she raked in a $10 million jackpot.  Three of Ginther’s incredible wins were by scratch-off tickets.

They won the lottery twice

In 2013 45-year old Bulgarian-born George Traykov scored a whopping £1.16million in two EuroMillions windfalls.

In 2013 67-year old James Bozeman Jr. hit the Florida Lotto twice and bagged an incredible total of $13 million in winnings.

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