Your ultimate Dream Vacation at Hotel Verde

 A dream vacation at Hotel Verde

Lotto punters dream of winning the lucky lotto jackpot and then going on a dream vacation to a holiday destination that raises the bar with regards to luxurious pampering and an unforgettable stay.

Hotel Verde, Africa’s greenest hotel, deserves a prime spot on a lotto jackpot winner’s dream vacation list. This super-chic hotel is conveniently situated a mere 400 metres from Cape Town International Airport, and promises a lavish getaway at a price that will have even the most unluckiest lotto player smiling from ear to ear.

Invest in a lotto ticket today and buy yourself the right to hope. You may just end up being the proud owner of the lucky winning numbers. You could rake in all those marvellous lotto millions punters the world over are salivating after. Imagine your delight when you leave for a dream vacation with your pockets stuffed chock-a-block with lotto cash. Winning a cash-flushed bank account will definitely go a very long way in making all your holiday dreams come true.

Hotel Verde, an iconic four-star eco-hotel, offers the responsible eco-traveller a carbon-neutral stay in ultra-luxurious surroundings. They embrace environmentally-friendly building practices, sustainable operations and design which have earned them numerous awards. Guests receive carbon offsetting certificates as proof that their stay has had zero impact on the environment.

Spending your lotto millions in sunny South Africa promises to be serious fun. Stop dreaming and start doing right this minute! Buy your lotto ticket today and position yourself for the lucky jackpot draw. Remember, you need to be in the game to stand a chance to win. The moment Lady Luck smiles upon you and you win the lotto jackpot, you can start planning the holiday of a life time.

Do your bit for the environment, visit the Mother City, and book a stay at Hotel Verde. The hotel is considered a global leader with regards to to providing environmentally responsible accommodation and cultivating a green conscience.

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